Warminster and District Angling Club
Terms & Conditions


  • Membership and Rod Licences are to be carried at all times when fishing and must be shown when asked by any member who shows their membership first.

  • All equipment including nets and slings to be thoroughly dry before fishing on club waters.

  • Zero Tolerance on litter left on Club waters. Anyone found deliberately littering will face a ban.

  • Barbless hooks only, except when fishing for perch or pike, when semi barbed trebles may be used.

  • Un-hooking mats to be used on all club waters.

  • A maximum of 2 rods on club waters.

  • Bait in moderation. No peas, beans or nuts.

  • No bait boats.

  • No Alcohol.

  • No fires or barbecues, except for organised events.

  • Treat all other water users as you would expect them to treat you.

  • Night tickets to be collected in advance from the Club Shop. Maximum of six tickets per lake per


  • Intimidation, abusive behaviour and bullying (including on social media) will not be tolerated and

    will result in a ban.

  • No loud music.

  • No posting on social media false information or items to discredit the club or its members.

  • Comply with E.A. rules and bylaws and the law of the land at all times.